The new iPad mini is also easy to bend, but not like the iPad Pro. But to fix it is very difficult

A few weeks ago, Apple quietly released the fifth generation iPad mini tablet. We have sales

not yet started, but in the US you can already buy it. Therefore, experts iFixit and blogger JerryRigEverything almost simultaneously got to the new model and evaluated its strength and maintainability.

Not a tough nut

JerryRigEverything (aka Zack Nielsen) conducted his standard tests, checking how easy it is to scratch the display of the tablet, whether it is friendly with fire and whether the body bends if using force.

The results of the first two tests are prettypredictable: scratches remain on the screen only from materials with a hardness level not lower than 6 on the Mohs scale. The glass protecting the camera can be scratched the same way, although it is listed as sapphire. Display pixels burn out under fire, but quickly recover.

But after the iPad Pro test, which, as it turned out,it is easy to scratch and even easier to bend; we were most of all waiting for the last test. And disappointed. On the back of the iPad mini, you can still draw pictures with a knife, but this time Thanos came in to replace Spider-Man with the glove of infinity (we are also waiting for the final of Avengers, Zack!). The case also bends easily, but the screen did not crack, as in the iPad Pro, and even continued to work. Most likely, this is due to the compact dimensions of the tablet.

What with the repair?

At the time, iFixit worked on"Internals" device. Unfortunately, their conclusions are also disappointing: many parts are still generously filled with glue, so it will be easy to replace them. For example, when replacing batteries, you can lose the backlight, and when you remove the display - to remain without a Touch ID.

As a result, the iPad mini 5 received 2 points out of 10 for maintainability. And even this, according to the 5-point system, is no good.

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Recall that in Ukraine, sales of the updated iPad Mini and iPad Air will start in a week, on April 12. iPad Mini 5 will cost from 14 000 hryvnia.

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