The new iPad Pro still flexes and scratches, but doesn't break in half like the old one

At the end of April, Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro, the first tablet with the proprietary M1 chip. And finally

the novelty got into the hands of the famous blogger JerryRigEverything.

There is a difference

Traditional tests of the author of the video this timemore interesting, since last year's iPad Pro failed them miserably: scratches from a knife easily remain on its lid, and at the slightest attempt to bend the gadget, both the case and the display crack, as a result of which the tablet becomes incapacitated.

But what about the new iPad Pro?Overall, Apple has done a good job of fixing the bugs: while the case still flexes when force is applied, the deformation is not as severe. In addition, neither the case nor the display breaks, and the tablet itself continues to work as usual.

Everything else remained unchanged:the screen can be scratched with any object with a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale (as, in fact, with any modern gadget), and there are still scratches from the knife on the back panel. The standard heating test is also interesting, because in the new iPad Pro Apple used a display with mini-LED technology. As it turned out, after contact with fire, the pixels are fully restored within one to two minutes.

Thus, the tablet's screen deserves special praise, as it steadily withstood several types of influences at once.

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