The new iPad Pro will have Face ID technology

The iPad Pro line could borrow a lot from the iPhone X, and, according to rumors, this year’s new model is really

will take a lot of features from last year's iPhone.

Rumors have repeatedly appeared that the iPad Pro2018 will have a TrueDepth camera with Face ID biometric authentication system. In addition, there are rumors that the entire iPad Pro line will be with minimal frames and no Home button.

Now in the iOS 11 update code.3, the first beta of which was released yesterday, a hint was found that iPad Pro will add support for Face ID. In the code of the new version there is a mention of the "modern iPad". This means something, because in the previous code, the iPhone X was called the "modern iPhone." Developer Guillermo Rambo believes that the next iPad, like the iPhone X, will support Face ID.

Face ID will be added to several different products.Apple, according to the same rumors. There is information that the technology is used in the new iPhone of this year (iPhone X Plus and 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD-display). She will also stay in the updated iPhone X.

If Apple plans to completely abandonTouch ID and switch to Face ID, then such a move of the company will be quite logical. The most interesting thing now is not whether the company will add a TrueDepth camera to the iPad Pro, but how it will do it. Will there be a famous notch on the new iPad Pro?