The new low-cost flagship OnePlus 8 will receive the long-awaited support for wireless charging

OnePlus over the past few years has been pleasantly surprised by the presence of many latest technologies produced

flagship company. No joke - OnePlus 7 Pro is almost the first non-gaming flagship to receive a screen refresh rate higher than the standard 90 Hz. It was only later that players such as Realme introduced this feature into their devices - the first one was still precisely OnePlus.

But despite all this, the Chinese tech giantthe latter opposed the introduction of wireless charging into their devices, citing the insufficient speed of this solution. Apparently, the situation has changed a lot, since recent leaks indicate the availability of wireless charging support for the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro. At the same time, the same leaks claim that this technology will become exclusive precisely because the “older” version - the standard OnePlus 8, as before, can only be charged by wire.

Recall that earlier the head of OnePlus Pete Lauofficially stated that the company tried in 2019 to develop a sufficiently powerful technology for wireless charging, but in the end she had to abandon this function. Not least of all, this was due to the fact that at that time the OnePlus wireless charging technology caused heating problems.