The new plane will fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo in an hour

A company from the United States presented the concept and visualization of a hypersonic passenger aircraft called

Stargazer, which she will build for commercialuse. The aircraft will carry 12 passengers at a speed of 11,265 km/h. For example, the company promises a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo in 60 minutes.

Although Venus Aerospace describes the Stargazer as a "space plane," its maximum flight altitude will be about 52 km, well below the Karman Line, where space began.

It's not yet clear when Venus Aerospace is hopingget a full scale prototype and when they think the aircraft could be ready for commercial service. The company noted that they also hope to create a hypersonic drone, although no visualizations of this device have yet been presented.

Since its founding in 2020, Venus Aerospace has received $32 million in private funding and another $1 million from the government to help the company achieve its goal of developing high-speed aircraft.

The Venus Aerospace team is made up of veteransaerospace, military and R&D activities that focus on building a next-generation zero-emission rocket engine, an innovative aircraft and an advanced cooling system that will allow Stargazer to take off from existing spaceports without creating new infrastructure.

The company said that over the past yearshe "rapidly scaled up," adding that she "designed and built a demonstrator engine, conducted key experiments in hypersonic wind tunnels and test sites across the US, and began a ground-based test campaign at Spaceport Houston."

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