The new Resident Evil is already in development, and Capcom is inviting fans to test the game

Last week, Capcom began sending out invitations to test the new Resident Evil to Japanese gamers. Now

the company decided to expand the program.

What is known

"Resident Evil Ambassadors" in the US began to receivean invitation to closed testing of a new game based on the “zombie universe”. The letter states that Capcom is looking for potential testers to try out the yet-to-be-announced Resident Evil project, which is in the early stages of development.

The company plans to conduct tests in September in New York and Los Angeles:

  • Los Angeles from September 20 to 21
  • New York from September 23 to 24

Unfortunately, the invitation does not say whichThe game will be tested by ambassadors, but fans have already proposed two options. Perhaps Capcom will let you play an early version of Resident Evil 3, which the company promised to release if fans support the updated sequel. In early August, Resident Evil 2 sold 4.5 million copies, which can be called a successful relaunch. Others believe that Capcom is planning to release Resident Evil 8.

If you also want to become a “Resident Evil Ambassador,” then register an account on the Capcom website.