The new sensor analyzes the frequency of sweating and its composition

Scientists have developed an electronic device that can be used for wireless measurements

sweat rate, sweat amount and skin temperature in real time. This device will help you effectively and reliably track the dynamics of sweating.

The new device adheres to the surface of the skin, where it analyzes biomarkers.

The goal of the development is to create a digital and wirelessa platform that could help keep track of the sweat filling process without the need for a visual inspection of the device. This can be very useful for tracking perspiration-related processes among ambulance personnel or healthcare workers, who typically wear the device under their protective gear.

The new system we created usesnon-contact thermal circuitry to track the flow of sweat directly from the skin surface, thus completely eliminating the need for a microchannel structure. At the same time, it is compatible with more sophisticated microfluidic systems for sampling and analyzing sweat biomarkers. The device continuously transmits information to the smartphone and also provides information on body temperature.

John A. Rogers, one of the researchers

The new device, scientists believe, will help the timely diagnosis of numerous disorders and diseases associated with excessive or impaired sweating.

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