The new version of Google Chrome will save up to 98% of traffic.

In the May release of Google Chrome 75, a “lazy” viewer will appear, which will significantly speed up the work.

browser and will save traffic.

What is known

According to the head of development Chrome EddieOsmani (Addy Osmani), in the “lazy” viewing mode, the site content will be downloaded in parts as you view it. Also, the user can choose which resource to load instantly, and which with a new function. This will be especially true when working with landings, where there are a large number of images and other graphics. This is also useful for developers, as they will be able to prioritize the displayed items, including advertising.

Chrome 75 should be released in May for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and Android. Particularly curious can try out a new function in the experimental assembly of Canary now.