The new version of the proprietary shell Xiaomi MIUI 12 may come out much earlier than expected

More recently, information appeared on the network that Xiaomi had finished work on MIUI 11, instead completely

switching to the next version of the proprietary shell. Now online information has appeared on the basis of which it can be concluded that MIUI 12 may come out noticeably earlier than expected.

So, previously it was assumed that the new versionfirmware will be released in the region of August-September of the current year, following the example of MIUI 11. But Chinese Internet sources turned their attention to the fact that the next MIUI event, which is planned by Xiaomi, falls much earlier - before the registration for this event is opened Only 10 days left. Based on this, we can conclude that the debut of MIUI 12 can be expected in the coming weeks.