The next generation of Apple Watch with microLED displays may be introduced in 2020.

According to rumors, Apple is in negotiations with a Taiwanese display manufacturer to supply microLED panels for

the next generation of Apple Watch smartwatches.

But it is not exactly

According to the source, production is necessaryA batch of matrices will take about 9 months. The interviewed supplier also said that they plan to install microLED not only in Apple Watch, but also in iPhone. If the information is true, we will see devices with new panels in the fall of 2020. Let's remember that Apple currently uses OLED displays manufactured by LG.

What will change

Unlike OLED technology, microLEDprovides higher brightness per unit of power consumption and is therefore more energy efficient. Power consumption can be up to 50% lower, which is very important for smartphones and smartwatches, especially considering Apple's problems with batteries. Also, microLED panels will provide even faster response times, down to nanoseconds.