The number of Russians who watched the film about "Putin's palace" is counted

Mediascope has counted the number of Russians who have watched the movie about "Putin's Palace" on YouTube. Analysts

claim that the entire video was watched by 3.4 million people, or 3% of the country's population.

Coverage of the film “Palace for Putin.The story of the biggest bribe "made by Alexei Navalny and the Anti-Corruption Foundation * amounted to 21.2 million Russians over 12 years old. Mediascope, which is owned by the state-owned VTsIOM, counted for the period from January 19 to January 27, that is, for the first nine days after publication. The company clarified that this estimate does not take into account the duration of the video viewing. Those who watched the entire movie and those who only played it for a few seconds were counted.

15 million Russians over 12 years old watched the video for more than 30 seconds, 11.6 million - more than two minutes.

Mediascope also said that 60% of the film's viewers were from large cities. Muscovites accounted for 20%. More than half of the people watched the video from a smartphone or tablet.

Now it is indicated on YouTube that the film has 105 million views.

* FBK is recognized in Russia as a "foreign agent"