The oldest wind musical instrument is 18 thousand years old. This is a snail shell

Using computer simulations, scientists learned that the holes in the huge shell were made by

help tools and are located in such a way that with their help it was possible to extract sounds.

Carbon dating of material from the cave,located in the same layer as the shell, suggests that the instrument is about 18 thousand years old. If true, the shell is the oldest wind instrument of this type ever found.

In order to check, you can extract frommusical instruments, scientists invited professional musicians to play on the sink. The hole the player was blowing through was incorrect and contained a layer of organic material, which could indicate that they had a separate mouthpiece. It's not uncommon for shells used as musical instruments.

In the future, scientists are going to create a copy of the shell in order to try to reproduce other notes.

In addition, the shell of the instrument indicates that the inhabitants of the region have already been in contact with the inhabitants of the Atlantic coast, about 200 kilometers to the west.

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