The owner of WhatsApp and Instagram will be tried in Russia in the case of extremism

The conflict with Meta continues to unfold. This morning it became known that the American company removed

ban on "hate speech" against Russianmilitary personnel who are now in Ukraine. The Russian authorities reacted to this with indignation. Now the Russian Prosecutor General's Office has asked the court to recognize Meta as an extremist organization. Discuss

The Prosecutor General's Office has already issued an officialsituation statement. It states that the social network Facebook is involved in violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms, the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation, which guarantee, among other things, freedom of the media. Therefore, access to it and other services of the company will be limited.

Meta's actions to lift the ban Prosecutor General's Officecharacterized as forming an idea of ​​the permissibility of terrorist activities and aimed at inciting hatred and enmity towards the citizens of the Russian Federation.

The Prosecutor General's Office sent an application to the court to recognize Meta as an extremist organization and ban its activities in Russia. Criminal prosecution may be initiated.

Recall that Meta owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. It was previously explained that Meta allowed in a number of countries in Eastern Europe "hate speech" against the Russian authorities and the army, but not against citizens of the Russian Federation.

Source: Prosecutor General's Office