The pilots said goodbye to the Boeing-747, leaving a special message in the air

The pilots of the aircraft said goodbye to the iconic Boeing-747 model. At the beginning of the week, the American aircraft manufacturer

the holding handed over the last copy of the iconic aircraft to the customer company Atlas Air.

The pilots painted the number 747 and crowned it shortly after taking off from Paine Field Airport for Cincinnati Airport on their maiden flight, Flightradar reported.


Model 747 from Boeing, which is called the "Queenheaven," is an iconic example of aviation. It has been carrying passengers and cargo for over 50 years. Boeing has now ceased production of the four-engine aircraft as the airline and its competitors develop more economical ways to transport people around the planet.

On January 31, thousands of people gathered at the aircraft factorycompany in Everett, Washington, USA, when the American aircraft manufacturer handed over the last Boeing-747 to Atlas Air. It rolled off the assembly line on December 7, 2022.


Developed in 28 months, the Boeing-747 has becomethe first ever long-haul double-deck wide-body passenger jet and was first delivered by the now defunct Pan American in 1970.

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