The players are satisfied: Valve boasted the success of the "Laboratory" Steam

In early July, Valve launched the Steam Lab, where it tested experimental features. Now

the company decided to share the success of the section.

What is known

According to Valve, players have received it wellan “interactive advisor” that selects games based on the users’ library. The company looked at how often gamers visited the game page through an advisor, and then calculated the number of “positive actions”, such as purchases or additions to a wish list. According to Valve’s calculations, users added about 10,000 games to “wishlists” through the advisor, which indicates the success of the venture.

Valve also decided to improve the section based on comments from gamers. Now users can exclude individual games from their library from the advisor's algorithm.

At the same time, “automatic shows”, in whichgamers were shown a selection of games, but they were less pleased. According to Valve, the feature has potential, but half-hour digests are too much. Therefore, the developers changed the format, dividing the releases into three categories: best releases, VR and horror.

The “Best Releases of the Month” show will last 2 minutes34 seconds, during which 21 games will be shown to viewers. The digest with VR games will take three minutes, and the horror digest will also include 21 games, but each project will be given 3 seconds.