The programmer forgot the password from the $ 242 million bitcoin storage

American programmer Stephen Thomas put all his bitcoins in a special wallet on a flash drive, the password is from

which was safely lost. It is known that this storage contains 7002 bitcoins, which corresponds, at the time of this writing, to $ 242 million.

Interestingly, there are so many cryptocurrenciesthe programmer did not get it as a result of work or mining. According to data released by the New York Times, he received them as a gift back in 2011, when bitcoin was not yet so famous - he was three years old. In those days, the rate of this promising cryptocurrency ranged from $ 1 to $ 32. Stefan Thomas received such a gift from one of the users who liked his video about Bitcoin, published on YouTube.

The idea of ​​placing private keys to a crypto storageon a secure flash drive IronKey originated from a programmer several years ago. After completing the planned, he wrote down the password from the vault on a piece of paper, which was lost. Stefan Thomas has already made 8 out of ten password attempts. Now he decided to abandon these two attempts until the time when cryptographers invent a new method of cracking complex passwords.