The real 8K: LG TVs are the first to surpass the requirements for 8K Ultra HD displays

LG Electronics has announced that its TVs are the first in the world to exceed the stringent requirements of

Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to the next generation of 8K panels.

What does this mean?

High Definition TVsPictures depend not only on the number of pixels, but on how well the neighboring pixels differ. The second parameter is determined by contrast modulation (CM). For 8K panels, it should be at least 50% with a total number of active pixels over 33 million. The official logo of the 8K Ultra HD will be only those devices that meet the standard, and LG Real 8K TVs were the first.

LG will introduce a new line of 8K-TVs onat CES 2020, it will be both OLED models in the LG SIGNATURE premium line, and LG 8K NanoCell TV LCD TVs. Their contrast modulation index is within 90%, significantly exceeding the approved standard requirements. Independent tests of the international organization Intertek and the German company VDE confirmed the declared characteristics of the panels. Compared to other displays, where this value is lower, LG's new products provide exceptional detail:

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A visual demonstration of LG at IFA 2019: on the left is a screen with a CM value of 12%, on the right is a LG NanoCell 8K panel with a CM at 90%

From January 2020, the 8K UHD logo will appear on every8K LG TV. Real 8K models comply with all CTA requirements that apply not only to resolution, but also to extended dynamic range, color depth, scaling, and digital input signals.