The reason for the delay in the “revolutionary” Telegram update in the App Store became known

Earlier, Pavel Durov wrote that Apple, for some unknown reason, is delaying the release of a “revolutionary” update.

Telegram. Now it has finally been approved in the iOS App Store, and Durov confirmed that Apple did not like the new animated emoji, which became one of the main innovations of the messenger. Discuss

The latest update of the Telegram app for iOScontains many new features, especially for Premium subscribers. For example, it allows users to restrict voice messages and even gift someone a Telegram Premium subscription. However, the most notable feature coming with this update is the new emoji panel, which also features new animated emoji. The application offers several packages of "Telemoji" - this is the name of these emoji.

In a new message on my Telegram channelDurov claims that Apple required the platform to remove Telemoji from the update. Telegram's CEO claims that Apple has opposed "better vector-animated versions of standard emoji".

Only Premium subscribers can send telemoji, but anyone can view them in messages.