The release date of the 70-inch Redmi TV has become known

In late July, information appeared that Redmi would release its television. Now she confirmed

it finally and even called the release date - August 29.

Very soon

The news was not a surprise, since back inJuly, Redmi TV was certified 3C (China Compulsory Certificate). In addition, the company recently created a page for its TVs, so we can assume that it will not be limited to one device. There were rumors of a 40-inch model, but it is not yet known whether it will be presented on the same day.

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Most likely, Redmi TV will have a 70-inch4K display, Xiaomi PatchWall system, DTS, Dolby Audio and Bluetooth remote with voice control. It is estimated that the cost will be approximately the same as that of Mi TV 4S - about $ 738.

Do you know that

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