The remains of rebbahazavrid dinosaurs found for the first time in Asia

Until the new discovery, dinosaurs rebbachisaurids were found only in North America, North Africa and

Europe.They were the sauropods, a group that includes the largest dinosaurs. However, the remains that Averyanov and Seuss discovered belong to a new genus and species, the "cousin" of the diplodocus. It is the largest of the large dinosaurs. Scientists named the new species Dzharatitanis kingi

It is noteworthy that D. kingi represents both a new species and a new genus in the already existing family of rebbachizaurids, which were sauropods - the most huge creatures on Earth.

The find by which scientists have identified a new speciesdinosaurs are just a tailbone. The bone was found in the Kyzylkum desert in Uzbekistan. Previous research has shown that during the time of the dinosaurs, the area was probably coastal and one of the westernmost parts of Asia. Archaeologists call it the "dinosaur graveyard".

Caudal vertebrae found in the Kyzyl Kum Desert. ©

Examination of the bone made it possible to determine that itbelongs to the sauropod - a dinosaur with a very long neck. She allowed the herbivore to get food from the trees. The long tail, small head and large body were carried on the massive legs of the sauropod. He would also have very long, sharp teeth. The size of the bone suggests that the dinosaur was between 15 and 20 meters tall. Dating has shown that it is about 90 million years old. This means that the remains belong to one of the most recent rebbachizaurids discovered to date.