The repair of the most expensive bomber in the USA is shown

The American strategic bomber B-2 Spirit is considered one of the most expensive aircraft.

ever created by humanity. A photo from the repair site where the aircraft is located was published on the network.

The journalists clarified that the cost of an hour of flight for the B-2 Spirit is $ 170,000. Now one of the bombers is being repaired in Palmdale, California.


It is noted that one of the problems of servicing B-2Spirit had a shortage of parts. However, over the years, thanks to the development of materials science and automation, aircraft maintenance has become easier. The B-2 Spirit is now overhauled every nine years. The plane is dismantled and restored, something new is added to it. It often gets better than it was before.

Recall that the B-2 Spirit took off for the first time in 1983.

Source: The Drive