The results of the presentation of the Apple "Show begins" on March 25

Yesterday Apple held a presentation called “The Show Begins.” As expected, no new gadgets were shown to us, because everything

attention was paid to the company's services.

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Apple announced three new services and updated two existing ones. Users can now purchase a monthly subscription to many new content.

Below we will tell about everything that was presented at the presentation on March 25, and we will begin, perhaps, with the news.

Apple News +

Apple has significantly updated the service Apple News. It now provides access to over 300 magazines, as well as digital publications like TechCrunch, The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Subscribing to Apple News + costs 9.99 dollars a month. New subscribers can get the first month for free. Initially, the service will be available only in the US and Canada, and later will appear in Australia and Europe.

The service will provide access to the following logs:

  • Billboard
  • Eating well
  • ESPN The Magazine
  • Fortune
  • National geographic
  • Popular science
  • Sports illustrated
  • Rolling stone
  • The new yorker
  • Men’s health
  • Hollywood Reporter
  • Vogue

Now for the games!

Apple arcade

Apple has always paid attention to games, soiOS games have become much more popular in recent years. Now, developers can release games for iOS, macOS and tvOS in a new way, and users can get access to them in a new way. The service is called Apple Arcade. This is also a monthly subscription service that will give users access to over 100 new exclusive games. Games will be available for iOS, macOS and tvOS, and your progress will be synchronized across all your devices.

Apple Arcade will be released this fall, but for some reason they did not tell us about the cost of a subscription. Service will be available in 150+ countries.

Now let's talk about the updated services Apple.

Apple card

Now Apple has its full credit.card. Teaming up with Goldman Sachs, the company launched the Apple Card with many benefits. This is a titanium physical card with an engraved name of the owner. There are no credit card numbers on the card, as well as expiration dates, security codes, etc. All this information will be stored in the Wallet app.

The card contains the cashback option that youwill receive with every purchase. You will not receive money every week or month, but right on the day of purchase. Money will be returned daily. Then you can transfer them to your account, spend it through Apple Pay, or send it to someone via Messages.

Every time you pay an Apple Pay, you will receive 2% cashback. When buying Apple services cashback will be 3%. Cashback per day is not limited.

Apple Card will tell you how much and whatyou spend. Costs will be divided into categories, and you will be able to pay debts in several ways. There are no commissions and restrictions for the card.

Apple Card will be released this summer.

Updated Apple TV Application and Channels

The new Apple TV application will not be nowadvertising, and the quality of pictures and sound will be the highest. In it, you can access all your content in one convenient place. These are movies and TV shows from iTunes, as well as content from Starz, Showtime, HBO, Epix, etc. All this will be available in one application. You can also find out the new release dates.

Now you do not have to constantly switch between applications.

You will receive notifications related toyour favorite sports teams. There was also a new section for children. The Apple TV app for Mac will be released in the fall, and it will also be available on Samsung, Vizio, Sony, LG smart TVs, etc.

The Apple TV mobile app will now be available in over 100 countries and will be released in May.

Now the most interesting is original films and series.

Apple TV +

Apple TV + service has become the main star of the wholepresentations. This is a new service with a subscription to the original movies and TV shows. Above them, Apple collaborates with stars like Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Hayley Steinfeld, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Oprah. The company will release many different TV shows of various genres, on which it is already working.

Apple TV + service will be released this fall. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know its value.

We offer to watch the video shown at the very beginning of the Apple presentation:

All other videos from the presentation you can see here.