The right of electric scooters to drive on the roads will be registered in the traffic rules of Russia

The network has information about the changes that will be made to the traffic rules of Russia. It turned out that in the new

According to the rules, electric scooters will be allowed to ride on public roads at speeds up to 25 km / h.

Representative of the Ministry of Transport Vladimir Lugovenkonoted that the speed of the vehicle can be measured using special means, writes Kommersant. In the future, it is completely proposed to use biometrics to determine it.

Each electric scooter is also offeredmark with special RFID tags. They will contain basic information about the electric scooter, such as engine power. By the way, the new law proposes to limit this figure to 250 W, after exceeding which it will be necessary to obtain the rights of category M, like moped drivers.

The timing of the appearance of the final version of the new traffic rules, which will mention electric scooters, is still unknown.