The robot was first taught to distinguish between an object and its reflection

Toyota shared new achievements in the field of robotics, they were collected in a video: on it the robot takes a selfie and

removes his reflection in the mirror.

The company notes that the global goal of theirwork is not a substitute for human ability, but empowerment. According to the institute, teaching robots to do housework is not a trivial task, since all houses are individually furnished, so machines that work according to the algorithm often find it difficult to complete the task.

In order to solve the problem of determiningobject and its reflections, the company's engineers have developed a new teaching method that allows robots to perceive the three-dimensional geometry of the scene, as well as detect objects and surfaces. This approach also eliminates the need for time consuming, costly, or impractical data collection and labeling.

Another unusual robot skill: filming yourself with a camera. These records can potentially be used to train algorithms.

The robot captured on video consists of a body,which, in turn, is assembled from several segments that can bend and unbend relative to each other. At its end are two arms and a head with two cameras.

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