The rover showed the "Enchanted Lake" in the crater Lake: scientists dreamed about it for 4 years

In the spring of 2022, the Perseverance rover photographed a rocky outcrop known as the Enchanted Lake.

Scientists named it so informally, in honor of the landmark in the Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. The photo was taken by one of the rover's Hazcams security cameras.

Recall, Hazard avoidance cameras (Hazcams) -a type of camera usually mounted in front and behind rovers to ensure safety during maneuvers on the surface of a celestial body. Other rovers are equipped with such cameras - Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, as well as the Chinese Yutu lunar rover.

“Images from the Hazcam are mostlyused by mission engineers to assist in driving and positioning the rover's "arms," ​​said Kathy Stack Morgan, Deputy Scientist for NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Project on the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory blog. “But when I saw Hazcam’s image of Enchanted Lake, it was love at first sight.”

The scientist added that this image providedNASA's first close encounter with sedimentary rocks, the ones mission members have most wanted to explore since the Lake was chosen as the landing site for Perseverance nearly four years ago."

Possibly layered rocks of the Enchanted Lakehide evidence that there was microscopic life on Mars. However, NASA noted that first it is necessary to study the samples here on Earth, using powerful laboratory equipment.

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