The Russian army will soon be armed with unique "Night Super Hunters"

The Russian Military Space Forces (VKS) will receive the first batch of the latest shock before the end of this year

Mi-28NM helicopters “Night Superhunter”. It is alleged that there are no analogues in the world for this fighting vehicle.

Six Mi-28NMs will be ready this year. Another 12 will be commissioned in 2021. First, access to the “super-hunters” will be opened by the 344 Center for combat training and retraining of flight personnel, and then they will begin to arm combat regiments with helicopters.

The media write that the Mi-28NM is not just a modernizationMi-28N. The new helicopter has more powerful engines and a control system, and its crew safety system has no analogues in the world: the cabin can withstand large-caliber bullets. In addition, a fire warning system is capable of detecting a fired missile, and a laser suppression station can lead guided missiles to the side.

In addition to security improvements, the Mi-28NM receivedover-the-sleeve radar station, which allows you to get an image of the area, hiding in the bumps of the terrain. The crew can also control drones. All this makes the helicopter a really good "hunter".

Mi-28N will replace attack helicopters Mi-24. For the first time, “Night Hunter” took to the air in 2016. He was already involved in combat conditions in Syria.