The Russian military will practice the destruction of drones and cruise missiles

The press service of the Western Military District (ZVO) reported that during the West-2021 exercises, the Russian military will devote

special attention to the fight against cruise missiles and drones.

Writes about this TASS.The above tasks are not the only ones for the Zapad-2021 strategic command-and-staff exercises. Also, the military will work out fire and radio-electronic effects on a simulated enemy, the use of vertical coverage by tactical airborne assault forces, and a quick transition from one type of combat to another. In addition, the military will rehearse deep raids, sweeps and detours.

TASS news agency reminds that the exercisesZapad-2021 are Russian-Belarusian. They are aimed at strengthening the military security of the Union State. The exercise is scheduled for September 2021. Their plan was approved back in October 2020.