The Russian S-400 missile system was recognized as powerless in front of the American F-35

Fresh material appeared on the network in which Popular Mechanics journalists analyze Russian missile systems

S-400. According to foreign experts, this type of weapon is powerless over the American F-35 fighters.

Similar conclusions were made based onthe results of simulated battles conducted by the US Air Force (Air Force). As part of the simulation, the military also used imitations of the Russian Su-30.

According to experts from the United States,The main problem for the S-400 is the powerful electronic systems that engineers have equipped the F-35 with. It is their presence and effectiveness that make the missile system powerless over American fighters.

Popular Mechanics' findings were criticized byRussian military expert Sergei Khatylev. According to him, while the Americans were only imitating domestic weapons, real Su-30 air attacks were organized in Russia. The specialist also called the colossal advantage of the stealth technology in the F-35 "gross exaggeration".