The Russians were told about the dangers of watching TV for children

Rospotrebnadzor continues to give Russians valuable advice. About the harm of telephone conversations, the department already

said, now it’s the turn of the televisions.

Rospotrebnadzor refers to scientists and claimsthat the harm of the TV to the child’s health has been proven. In particular, the device negatively affects vision, the nervous system, the development of muscle muscles, even motor and speech.

The Office claims that watching TVcontraindicated for children under two years of age, children with impaired neuropsychic development, impressionable children, those who have recently undergone eye surgery or have serious diseases associated with them.

In Rospotrebnadzor indicate that the main rulefor a parent, control the child’s viewing of the TV. He should not sit on his side, the distance from the child’s eyes to the TV screen should not be less than three meters. Do not eat food while watching TV.