The Russians were told whether wireless charging for a smartphone affects health

Analyst-researcher of digital products of Roskachestvo Elvina Nasibulina told the Russians,

Does wireless charging for a smartphone affect health?

”Wireless charging is harmless for health,although, given the electromagnetic field generated by it, people with a pacemaker are advised to first consult with a specialist, ”Nasibullina explained.

At the same time, wireless charging cannegatively affect the smartphone battery, as it warms it up more. According to a specialist in Roskachestvo, the capacity loss is twice as high when charging wirelessly than when charging over a wire.

The expert admitted that in this way the batterydegrades faster. However, the difference may not be noticed at all. According to the data released by ZDNet, due to wireless charging, the iPhone battery loses 20% of its capacity in 18 months of continuous use, while due to wired charging - in 24 months.