The safety of drugs for pregnant women was tested on 3D models from stem cells

Before approving a drug for pregnant women, it needs to be tested, in particular to carry out

Safety Testing Experiment: Usually done on animals.

In addition to these experiments,pharmaceutical companies are starting to develop stem cell tests that could predict outcomes earlier in drug development. However, these stem cells are located differently from developing embryos.

Authors of new work researchers potential3D models of embryonic stem cells or gastruloids. These models, grown under certain conditions, form the same structures as certain parts of the developing embryos.

The team tested their response to seven pharmaceutical compounds, specifically ibuprofen, penicillin, and thalidomide.

As a result, the authors found that gastruloidsreacted just like a typical embryo. This means gastruloids can be used in pharmaceutical trials. The authors of the new work propose to conduct primary testing on them in order to exclude drug options that are unsafe for pregnant women.

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