The screen of an innovative Samsung folding smartphone for $ 2 thousand broke after two days of testing

According to editor Steve Kovacs of CNBC, half his screen simply stopped working. About the same problem

complained The Verge editor Dieter Bohn and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

Broke the screen of the smartphone and the famoustechnology blogger Marquez Brownlee. According to him, this happened after the removal of a special protective film from the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It turned out that Gourmet with Bon was removed, and only Kovac did not remove the film.

The company told reporters that the film can notshoot because it is responsible for the operation of the screen. At the same time, in their reviews of the publication they noted that the instruction manual did not say anything about banning film removal, moreover, it very quickly — within two days — begins to move away from the screen itself.

The new smartphone Galaxy Fold will go on sale April 26, 2019. Its cost will be almost $ 2 thousand, which is comparable with the purchase of the latest generation of expensive 13-inch MacBook.

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