The second discipline after football: UPEA will spend more than $ 100 million on the development of e-sports in Ukraine

Ukrainian Professional Cybersport Association (UPEA) presented a plan for the development of esports

until 2025.

UPEA plan

In Ukraine, several specializedorganizations, but UPEA will be the first association to systematically develop esports. They plan to achieve their goals through building interaction between the state, professional players, e-sports associations and federations.

Thus, UPEA plans to conduct regularcompetitions in the school and student leagues, all-Ukrainian championships, as well as competitions of the Ukrainian Professional Cybersport League. Thanks to this, novice players will have the opportunity to build a career in esports, going from beginner to professional. They will, of course, attract with prizes, and in 2021 the Association plans to give away UAH 4 million in prize money.

They plan to develop esports in Ukraine at the expense ofinvestment. There are plans to raise $ 100 million, $ 42 million of which has already been invested in the acquisition and development of the first Esports Ready Hotel based on the Dnipro hotel. Another $ 20 million is planned to be invested in its reconstruction. From $ 20 to $ 45 million will be invested in the construction of an e-sports arena for 10 thousand people in the center of Kiev.

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Social initiatives are planned for everything. The association will work with people with disabilities, military personnel and combatants, as well as retirees.

"Together with Ukrainian and international scientistsWe plan to involve military personnel and combatants, people of retirement age and people with disabilities in e-sports in order to study the positive impact of games on these social groups, ”says Oleg Rybalka, member of the UPEA board.

The Association also plans to developeducation, in particular the creation of specialized training academies for cybersportsmen. Cooperation with schools and higher education institutions is also being considered with the aim of deepening existing master's degrees and creating bachelor's programs.

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The main goals set by the Association for 2020-2025 are:

  • officially make esports the second most popular discipline after football;
  • increase the number of esports teams and players - professional from 2 to 5, as well as professional and semi-professional players from 840 to 3000;
  • to increase the number of international esports tournaments held up to 12 per year;
  • to increase the existing audience by more than 2 times - casual viewers from 1.1 million to 2.5 million, e-sports enthusiasts from 0.7 million to 1.3 million;
  • annually attract up to $ 20 million in investments in esports and gaming in Ukraine;
  • open Ukrainian-language eSports content broadcasting studios;
  • in general, to increase the awareness of the concept of "eSports" in Ukraine from 4.5% to 11%.

The founder of NAVI is included in the UPEA boardAlexander Kokhanovsky, owner of the ASUS CyberZone club Gennady Veselkov, member of the European eFootball league COO Oleg Rybalka, CEO of NAVI Evgeny Zolotarev, one of the first commentators of eSports tournaments Vitaly Volochay, managing partner of the eSports media holding WePlay! Oleg Krot and founder of Starladder Roman Romantsov.

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