The second generation Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker is presented - for only $ 30

Xiaomi has announced its second generation Mi AI Speaker.

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New, first

queue has improved sound quality.Like its predecessor, the speaker is equipped with six ring microphones and supports a stereo channel. As a result, you can combine two or more devices for surround sound and playback throughout your home.

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In addition, the speaker has deeper lowsfrequencies than the previous generation model, and a special internal design helps to improve the low frequency effect. The new sound algorithm offers a wider dynamic range.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker can become part of the "smart"at home and with the built-in Bluetooth Mesh Gateway connect to hundreds of Bluetooth devices such as light bulbs, door locks, home appliances, and more. 89 third-party IoT platforms are supported, including Philips and Op.

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In China, the 2nd Gen Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker is already available for pre-order for $ 30.

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