The second supercomputer from Sber appeared - Christophari Neo

The new supercomputer "Christofari Neo" has a performance of 11.95 petaflops. Tensor cores A100

provide performance in AI tasks, there is also 80 GB of memory that allows you to work with large AI models and data sets.

The supercomputer is based on Nvidia A100 processors with 80 GB of memory: there are more than 700 of them.

Previously Sberbank and its subsidiary SberCloudintroduced the Christophari supercomputer. It is the only Russian supercomputer designed specifically to work with AI algorithms. Now "Christophari" is on the 61st place in the ranking of the top 500 most high-performance systems in the world. The test performance of the supercomputer reached 6.7 petaflops. The platform was designed to quickly train artificial intelligence models using large amounts of data.

Teams were the first to get access to work with him.SberDevices and Sber AI. From November 1, you can start working with "Christofari Neo" through the cloud platform ML Space in SberCloud. Access will be open to both current clients of the platform and new ones.

Now you can only leave a request for access to the platform.

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