The selfie camera in the new iPhone 14 will cost 3 times more than before

One of the biggest iPhone upgrades this fall could be the selfie camera. At least this follows from

Korean report on the cost of components of new Apple smartphones. Discuss

It is claimed that Apple wants to install in the iPhone14 high-quality selfie cameras, and therefore considers LG Innotek as a supplier. It is noted that this will be the first time in history when the front camera of the iPhone will be made by a Korean company.

It was originally assumed that the LG Innotek camerawill be used on the iPhone 15, but recently Apple has changed plans. This is due to some of the quality issues that Chinese-made cameras have experienced.

If this rumor is true, the iPhone 14 modelsget autofocus on their selfies. This, along with improvements to other features, will see the price of the front-facing camera rise nearly three times over previous models.