The series based on the Halo universe was postponed again, but there were more actors and characters

The Halo universe series for Showtime has acquired new actors who will take on key roles.


According to Deadline, the role of Dr. CatherineElizabeth Halsey was cast as Natascha McElhone, who starred in The Truman Show and Californication. In Halo, the heroine is responsible for creating super soldiers called the Spartans.

McElhone was also cast in the role of Cortana.artificial intelligence that accompanies Captain Chief. No, the creators of the series do not have a limited budget, it’s just that in the game’s universe, Cortana was created from the cloned brain of Dr. Catherine.

Bookem Woodbine, who played the Shocker in Spider-Man:Homecoming,” will take on the role of Master Chief’s friend named Soren-066. But Indian actress Shabana Azmi will play Admiral Margaret Orlenda Parangoski.

The series will also introduce new characters to the universe.characters. If Deadline is to be believed, then British actor Bentley Kalu, who played the mercenary in Avengers: Age of Ultron, will become Vannak-134, a cybernetically enhanced super-soldier. Natasha Kulzak, who became an elf in Netflix's The Witcher, will play the cybernetically enhanced super-soldier Riz-028, and Kate Kennedy from Catastrophe will play Kai-125.

We also recall that Pablo Schreiber from American Gods was cast in the role of Master Chief.

When to expect

There is still no exact release date, but according, the release should be expected in 2021, which is a year later than the creators promised last time. In addition, the series has been cut down, and now instead of 10 episodes, only 9 will be released.