The size of a smartphone: the smallest power supply introduced

When someone talks about power supplies, a fairly large object immediately appears in the head. However

HDplex is in a hurry to dispel these stereotypes. She introduced the world's smallest fanless ATX power supply. Discuss

The HDplex 250W GaN ATX chassis is made entirely of aluminum alloy, allowing for fast heat dissipation. This ensures that the power supply operates with zero noise at full load.

It not only supports ATX modular output, butand syncs with a second HDplex 250W GaN ATX power supply via the included sync cable. Two devices synced together can form a powerful but completely passive 500W ATX power supply. One of them can power the motherboard and processor, and the second one can power the GPU card.


The exact dimensions are 170 x 50 x 25 mm, and it will appear on sale in June at a price of $145.