The software of the Martian satellite was updated after 19 years of its operation

European Space Agency (ESA) engineers have updated the software on the Mars Express orbiting Red

planets. The spacecraft has been operating for more than 19 years, and the MARSIS instrument on board uses software created on the basis of Windows 98. Discuss

New software update"allows him to see the water below the surface of Mars and its moon Phobos in more detail than ever before," says the ESA. The agency originally launched Mars Express in 2003 as its first mission to the Red Planet.

MARSIS uses low frequency radio waves,reflecting off the surface of Mars to search for water and study the atmosphere of the Red Planet. The instrument's 40-meter antenna is capable of searching up to 5 km below the Martian surface, and software upgrades will improve signal reception and on-board data processing to improve the quality of data sent back to Earth.

"We have encountered a number of problems in order to improveMARSIS," explains Carlo Nenna, Enginium's software engineer who is helping ESA with the upgrade. "Not least because the MARSIS software was originally developed over 20 years ago using a Microsoft Windows 98-based development environment!" .