The state program for the development of AI in Russia will oblige business to use neural networks

According to the concept, the share of small and medium-sized businesses that use artificial intelligence in

its work, should increase to 10% in 2024 and to 20% in 2030. Government agencies will also have to use neural networks in their work.

By 2024, Russian developers shouldto release its own chip for working with artificial intelligence, and by 2030 - the first devices based on it. In addition, by 2030, developers should provide artificial intelligence systems that will solve better human problems.

The document on the development of science and artificial intelligence also states that domestic scientists should be in the top 10 in terms of citations among studies of algorithms and mathematical methods.

In addition, the government will have to createonline platforms with depersonalized state data and data of Russian companies both for training specialists and for analyzing neural networks. It is necessary to eliminate the shortage of specialists in the field of artificial intelligence by opening their own educational programs and by attracting foreign engineers.

The document also points out the lack of a legislative framework for data collection by artificial intelligence. 

The development of quantum communications in Russia will RZD.

Investment in the development of artificial intelligenceover the next six years in Russia will exceed 90 billion rubles. In addition, the RDIF plans to invest in startups related to artificial intelligence, another $ 2 billion, but so far there are not so many companies in the country that can attract such investments under this program.