The surest way to lose: PC Games N journalist found out how cannabis affects players

In March, rapper Snoop Dogg opened his own e-sports league Gangsta Gaming League, in which athletes

allowed to smoke marijuana. It is unlikely that the “grass” will help the players to show the best result during the match, but the journalist of PC Games N decided to verify this personally.

What is known

In order not to break the law, Benjamin Griffin flew Amsterdam, where the government legalized cannabis. Entering one of the “special cafes”, the journalist ordered a cigar, launched Fortnite and began the experiment.

The first symptoms were not long in coming. According to Benjamin, he seemed to move away from the monitor and watched the game through the keyhole. After a while, the reaction of the journalist slowed down by about five seconds, which in the conditions of the e-sports match guarantees a loss.

“Those small skills that I had were now seriously exhausted,” writes Benjamin.

Continuing the experiment, the journalist noticed thatthe sound now comes as if from a submarine, and the soul as if separated from the body. So we can conclude that smoking marijuana will not definitely help to become a cyber sportsman, but will only worsen existing skills.