The system immediately dumps the trailer if it overturns: this will save the driver

Large trucks tip over more often than you might expect. There are many reasons: be it a strong wind,

driver error or often confusing behavior of other road users. In the United States alone, this results in 9,000 injuries and 400 deaths a year.

When a truck trailer rolls over, it grabs the front of the cab, hitting it sideways on the ground. If the driver survives, there is nothing he can do to brake the car - just wait.

Californian company Axicle intends to solve the problem.


New TARS (Tractor Anti-Roll System)Fifth wheel coupling includes a set of sensors, fast-acting smart sensors and a quick-release rescue structure. It is designed to completely reset the trailer if it loses its balance. The driver remains in a safe upright position and is able to steer the cab. The system will save money for trucking companies and insurers.

The TARS system is not very different from the usual "fifth wheel". Axicle

Intelligent system with sensors collect everythingkinds of operating parameters, including information on load, vibration, wind and traction, as well as a high-precision inertial measurement unit. If TARS detects a trailer rollover, it fires a pneumatic or linear actuator in a millisecond and dumps the trailer from the rear of the truck.

Fifth wheel coupling ("Saddle" or "fifth wheel" colloquially) - provides docking (coupling) of the semitrailer witha tractor, taking on a part of the mass of the semitrailer. By its presence, tractors are called saddlers. It is a load-carrying plate having one (in the longitudinal plane) or two (in the longitudinal and transverse planes) degrees of freedom, with an angular slot for the entry of the kingpin installed on the semitrailer's support surface, which serves to couple the semitrailer with the tractor, and is also the axis of the articulated road train in the turn. The hitch-locking mechanism is located under the base plate.

Axicle says it will have full-size prototypes by the end of the year that will be tested under heavy load.

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