The ten most dangerous Android viruses that steal money

Experts from Zimperium, a company specializing in information security, have published a report on the 10 most

effective and dangerous viruses for Android devices. Discuss

These viruses masquerade as 600 bankingapps with a total of over 1 billion downloads on Google Play. Experts consider the following malware to be the most dangerous: BianLian, Cabassous, Coper, EventBot, Exobot, FluBot, Medusa, Sharkbot, Teabot, and Xenomorph.

When installed on a smartphone, each of these virusesimmediately replaces the interface of a real online bank and, thanks to this, steals all the login data. In addition, these viruses intercept SMS with one-time passwords for making payments and transfers.

For protection, experts recommend that you always check the applications installed on your devices and download them only from official sources.