The thinnest phone in the world: multitool Zanco S-Pen

The modern world dictates its own terms according to the rhythm of life, we constantly need to be in touch 24/7. And

help us with this, as well as in solving manytasks, our smartphones. But this is not always convenient; often, instead of comfort, the user gets an extra headache. An original solution to these inconveniences has appeared on the market; now, instead of a bulky smartphone, you can put a multifunctional pencil or pen in your pocket.

What showed

At the crowdfunding platform, Zancopresented the draft of the gadget in the form of a multi-function pen, which is a thin mobile phone (the thinnest according to the developers). They called the device S-Pen, and in reality it is not a pen at all, but a stylus, but there is a mobile phone functionality in the stylus. The user simply inserts a SIM card in this pen, and you can safely leave a large smartphone at home, the user still remains in touch.

What does it look like

On the front panel (if applicable tostylus) located a lot of different design buttons. There's also a full-fledged mobile keyboard. There are also customizable buttons for specific tasks, there is a navigation bar, two speakers, a microphone. And yet, the device received two full-fledged mobile cameras. In addition, the S-Pen was equipped with a radio module at FM frequencies, a laser pointer for easy presentations (or for games with pets).

The device display is one inch, it fitsenough information, while he practically does not consume energy. A 400 mAh battery provides device autonomy for a week. Of course, such autonomy is not only due to the display, the device does not keep unnecessary processes and applications in the background, which monitor the network for notifications and other incoming traffic.

Smartphone will not replace

It is clear that the S-Pen does not completely replace the smartphonecan, since a modern smartphone is no longer just a means of communication, it is a personal personal computer that fits in your pocket. The cameras, by the way, really work, but the sensors are rather weak there, so you should not expect high-quality photos. In general, as an additional device such multitool is quite suitable for active people. Like the stylus and lovers of spy movies, and not only because it looks like a device like a spy gadget, the S-Pen software has technology that allows you to drastically change heads in real time. Parameters change voice damn dozen pieces and methods.

Pre-order smart stylus will cost the buyerjust 49 dollars. Just need to remember that the opening of the project does not mean that the finished device will still be launched in the series, so be careful. However, funds have already been collected enough, even more, and six times.

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