The Turkish Navy uses Aksungur large attack drones, they can stay in the air for up to 50 hours

Turkish Navy replenishes its stock of UAVs with new Aksungur strike drone

domestic production.

What is known

This was announced by the head of the Department of Defense Industry of Turkey Ismail Demir (Ismail Demir) on Twitter. The first batch of Aksungur was handed over to the Navy last year.

Aksungur is produced by TurkishTurkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). The drone is designed for reconnaissance, as well as hitting targets, including those that are out of the UAV's field of view. Aksungur was created in 18 months. The basis of the drone was another Turkish UAV - Anka.

Aksungur can stay in the air for up to 50 hours. It is equipped with a satellite control system and is capable of carrying up to 750 kg of payload.

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Source: @IsmailDemirSSB, Military