The turning point: why the Huawei P30 is a landmark model for the market

Huawei has a simple and ambitious goal for 2019 - to become the world leader in the mobile phone market. AND

Never before has this goal been so close,like this year. From year to year, the company's flagship smartphones became better and closer to the standard Android smartphone on the market - the next Galaxy S with a new number in the name. Not only the component base has been improved (Huawei produces its own processors, and has already mastered the 7-nanometer technological process, not inferior to either Apple or Samsung in this matter). The cameras were significantly improved (Huawei P9 came out with a dual camera, and before that it was tested on the corresponding Honor model). There were also some discoveries in design - in 2017, the company experimented with color, releasing a version of Huawei P10 with the color Greenery, chosen by Pantone itself as the color of the year. And last year, a theme with a gradient color really popped up, which was immediately copied and picked up by all the lower-ranking Chinese manufacturers. That is, the company approached the announcement of Huawei P30 with its positions already prepared, ready to fight Samsung’s long-term leadership in the market.

Samsung, of course, is not going to give up easilytheir positions. — A direct response to the obvious Chinese threat (not only from Huawei) are Samsung M-series smartphones (read, for example, our review of the Galaxy M20), which are distinguished by a reduced price and higher technology (the mere presence of NFC and a high-capacity battery can level out all advantages of Xiaomi). But the main war, of course, will unfold for the cream of the market - for flagship smartphones with the maximum margin, whose share of sales forms not only turnover, but also profit. And what do we see in the current situation? Samsung, following Apple, is sending prices for its Galaxy S10 smartphones into the stratosphere. This was done with one sole purpose - to erect an insurmountable barrier between weaker competitors, for whose products buyers are not willing to pay prices above $1,000. From a strategic point of view, the move is strong, but not without error. Because the market is already beginning to change - buyers around the world are starting to wonder - do they need a flagship smartphone for the price of a good laptop or can they get by with something simpler? We all know how much the middle price segment has changed in just a couple of years - smartphones for $300-400 make an excellent impression on buyers. This is confirmed by Xiaomi’s success in the Ukrainian market. What will make buyers pay more than a year or two ago? Only image and consumer lending are new technologies.

Against Samsung (and therefore in favor of Huawei)There is a strong trend at work - after decades of Japanese (90s) and Korean (00s) companies, we are successfully entering the period of dominance of Chinese companies. Chinese companies are already technologically advanced (the clearest example is DJI, which, being a 100% Chinese company, at the same time leads all innovations in the drone market, shaping and greatly influencing its development). There are more and more such examples. Global markets are changing under the influence of powerful technology companies. And today in this row there are not only Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple, but also the Chinese Alibaba. Free delivery anywhere in the world of any wire worth three kopecks has done its job - trust in China as a place where you can buy Chinese-made goods is growing not even every month, but every day. Samsung, of course, can slow down the decline (for example, traditional telecom companies that own wired fixed-line networks are doing the same thing - everyone understands that the landline phone market is falling, this is inevitable, but you can influence its decline only by slowing down the pace, but not stopping it completely ), but are you able to stop him?

If the previous few years are at allAt presentations of Huawei flagships, one could watch with a fair amount of skepticism all these slides comparing Huawei products with Apple or Samsung, but the presentation of Huawei P30 no longer evoked such feelings. For Huawei, with the release of the P30 model, a real turning point has arrived. Because this time, the Huawei flagship was not only in no way inferior to the Samsung flagship (we have seen this before), but also demonstrated real technological leadership. Even if there is only one thing - a camera, but a camera today is one of the most important purchasing criteria. Why no one came up with the idea of ​​combining three cameras with different focal lengths and a high-resolution matrix that provides additional crop zoom is an open question. But it was this move that attracted the attention of the audience, whose perception of Samsung as the undisputed market leader was shaken. Add to this more humane prices and the presence of the “junior” model Huawei P30 lite, which is more decorative and marketing (the opportunity to touch the “flagship” for modest money) than technological (the junior model Samsung S10e, on the contrary, carries all the main features of a flagship - read her review) task - and we will have a real chance of success for Huawei this year.

Nobody knows right now whether Huawei canbeat Samsung this year (although I have already made my forecast, and, by the way, his thesis “Apple and Samsung smartphones will go into the price segment “above $1000”” has, in fact, already come true). But sooner or later this will inevitably happen. And the turning point product in this whole story will be the Huawei P30 model. In a few years, we will remember it as a landmark for both Huawei and the entire market as a whole.

Do you know what

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Huawei P30

Flagship smartphone Huawei 2019 with a camera shooting at night like day

In this smartphone, the manufacturer has focused oncamera: it is able to shoot with a fantastic ISO that reaches 409600 units, which allows you to shoot at night (almost) as during the day. The system of three lenses (normal, wide-angle, long-focus) creates scope for creativity. At the same time, the Huawei P30 uses other advanced technologies: its fingerprint sensor and speaker for calls are built into the display. And the screen itself occupies almost the entire space of the front panel, leaving only a small “drip” notch under the front camera. It is worth noting the protection class IP68 and a special coating of the body of 9 layers of nanoparticles that create branded gradient colors that have become the hallmark of Huawei smartphones.

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