The UK is about to ban the sale of snacks at checkouts in supermarkets

Restrictions will apply not only to the sale of such goods at the checkouts, but also at the entrances to stores. Also

foods high in sugar and fatIt will be prohibited to advertise on the home pages of the websites, as well as on the checkout or checkout pages. And restaurants will no longer be able to offer high-sugar drinks for free. It is noted that 63% of adults in the country are overweight or obese.

Also large retailers with 50 or moreemployees will be prohibited from placing offers for wholesale of such products. In addition, in such large chains, the location of goods high in sugar and fat will be determined by the government.

Earlier, in early 2020, Prime Minister BorisJohnson asked for a reduction in overweight and obesity in the country. Diabetes UK Policy Director Helen Kirrein said the new restrictions will be "a positive step towards helping people across the UK to live healthier lives."

Definition of foods and beverages with highfat or sugar content will be based on existing guidelines and will also include foods such as chocolate, candy, chips, sodas, milkshakes, juice drinks, cakes, baked goods, puddings, cookies, yoghurts, ready meals and chips ...

The restrictions are due to take effect by April 2022.

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