The unique solar battery continues to work even after sunset

Researchers at Stanford University have designed a photovoltaic cell. He collects

energy from the environment both day and night. The device uses heat flowing from the Earth back into the air - energy of the same order as the incoming solar radiation.

The development uses a thermoelectric module to generate voltage and current from a temperature gradient between a photocell and air. This process depends on the thermal design of the system.

The device generates electricity at night due to the temperature difference between the solar cell and the environment. Image: Cid Assavavorrarit

Engineers demonstrated the developmentelectricity on your device during the day when it works in reverse and provides additional energy to a conventional solar cell, as well as at night.

Using electricity at nightfor lighting requires a power of several watts. The current device generates 50 mW/m², which means that lighting will require about 20 m² of photovoltaic area.

As the authors of the development note, the installationinexpensive and, in principle, can be built into existing solar cells. This will be especially useful when building houses in remote places with limited resources.

Approximately 750 million people in the world do not have access toelectricity at night. Solar panels provide electricity during the day, but significant batteries are required to store energy for later use. Now engineers have solved this problem.

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