The unique spaceplane will deliver cargo to the ISS. He is not like the others

The spacecraft manufacturer signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Spaceport America this week. BUT,

so the Dream Chaser can land onfacility in New Mexico as soon as it completes its orbital flight. Sierra Space is a leading commercial space company building future space transportation and infrastructure for the commercialization of low Earth orbit.

The agreement adds a world-class spaceport toNew Mexico to Sierra Space's portfolio of potential global landing sites for its Dream Chaser, the world's first and only winged commercial spaceplane.

Spaceport America, located in the southNew Mexico, is the latest addition to a growing list of compatible airstrips around the world where the Dream Chaser can land, including the Shuttle Landing Pad (SLF) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center and airports and landing sites in Huntsville, Alabama , Oita Airport, Japan, and Cornwall Spaceport in the UK.

Dream Chaser is a multi-purpose spacecrafta ship designed to carry crew and cargo to and from LEO, including the International Space Station (ISS). The spaceplane is currently being trained for seven NASA commercial resupply missions to the ISS, providing cargo delivery and waste disposal services. It is the only commercial spacecraft that can land on compatible commercial airstrips worldwide. Dream Chaser will be completed in 2023.

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