The United States and the United Kingdom conducted exercises with the USS Tennessee and Vanguard submarines, which carry Trident II missiles with nuclear warheads - a Boeing E-6B Mercury doomsday plane flew over them

The United States once again showed off its Ohio-class strategic missile cruiser. USA held

joint exercises with the UK, in which, in addition to submarines, the Doomsday aircraft and the Seahawk helicopter took part.

What is known

The exercise took place in the Atlantic Ocean.The United States sent the Ohio-class USS Tennessee there. She was accompanied by a British Vanguard-class submarine. Both strategic missile cruisers carry Trident II intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.

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Usually the United States does not disclosethe location of their Ohio submarines, and now they even publish high-quality images that allow you to see the submarines. This time, in addition to two missile cruisers, the footage showed the Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk helicopter.

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Britain is more cautious about itssubmarines. The Royal Navy decided not to reveal which Vanguard-class submarine was taking part in the exercise. In total, Great Britain has four cruisers of the Trident system.

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It is noteworthy that he flew over submarinesthe so-called "doomsday" Boeing E-6B Mercury. It is intended to provide communication between the US President and elements of the nuclear triad (ballistic intercontinental missiles, Ohio missile cruisers and strategic bombers).